Work at Gulf Air for a Soaring Career

In this world of different jobs, having an exciting job is quite interesting. Having a well-paid job and a different style of living in UAE can be an exciting and satisfying experience. Being with the Gulf Air would be a different experience as it is an airline company. This would also give you better carrier prospects and a better future.

About Gulf Air:

Gulf Air is presently functioning as the face of the province of Bahrain in terms of airlines. It commenced its operations in the year 1950 which makes it the first company of commercial airlines in the regions of the Middle East. Today, Gulf Air has attained an international name that is presently serving around 42 cities spread over 25 countries in 3 continents. The Gulf Airline operates with a minimum frequency of two flights per day to 10 cities within the region. From its hub in Bahrain, it has its business in both Europe and the Indian sub-continent.

The Progress of Gulf Air:

Gulf Air presently caters to all its connecting destinations with best services that include the use of both fleets (narrow as well as wide body) which is around 28 aircraft with orders for around 39 new Boeing and also Airbus Aircraft that will be launched in the early 2018. Gulf Air is a renowned company for its traditional Arabic hospitality; its products are exclusive and suitable for all showcasing the evidence of its culture. This company is committed to being an industry leader and developing products and other services that tend to reflect the evolving needs and expectations of the passengers.
The Gulf Air has taken up the responsibility of boosting the economic growth of the province of Bahrain. This company has shown great initiatives in the Grand Prix and has earned a wealthy reputation. This is the company that will help you soar high in your career. Thus, you must take a look at the company profile once again and apply for the positition that suits you the best.

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