Etisalat Facility Management Jobs in Dubai

If you are good at communication skills and love interacting with people then a telecommunication company is just the right place for you. Proper computer skills and an effective fluency of the language is all that you require. Presently, UAE has one of the fantastic telecommunication ecosystems that are highly driving successes across various industries and firms. Of them, Etisalat requires prominent mention.

About Etisalat:

Etisalat is a telecom company based in UAE. Till date, you can call it one of the largest telecommunication companies. After all, it is presently serving around 11.6 million customers and approximately around 300,000 enterprises including small, medium and large along with government users in UAE. It has its services all throughout UAE and even abroad.

The Progress of Etisalat Facility Management:

Etisalat Facility Management boasts of having the widest coverage of the networks 3G and 4G in the country of UAE. The new establishment of Fibres-to-the-home or FTTH covers almost 86.4% of UAE’s populated area which makes the country an exemplary example when it comes to strong fibre connections. This new technology helps in providing around 500 mbps of data speed in the residential internet network. It provides mobile broadband with a speed of 300 mbps covering around 94% of the population area. The extensive network of Etisalat reaches 735 international networks and around 200 countries.

Why Choose Etisalat?

Etisalat is one of those companies that have beaten many technologies and services to sustain as the leading edge of customer experience. UAE believes in “smart vision” where Etisalat is climbing its way to glory and strengthening its services as a leading integrated digital service provider. It has brought smarter services for individuals as well as public sectors.
This company believes in experience and skills. Your passion for this sector will improve your skills to attain excellence. If you want to be a part of Etisalat, apply for your deserving post to have a satisfactory job in UAE.

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