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Your Road to Dubai Municipality Jobs

Job satisfaction is a crucial aspect of life. Because of this, people look for jobs that are not just challenging but offer satisfaction. Your job must be like to make you feel better and give you the opportunity to make a difference in society. This is when Dubai municipality jobs become your choice.

The Story of Dubai Municipality:

Imagine seven people coming together to help with the beautification and cleanliness of a city. Imagine the hard work put into the work and the dedication needed to help in the establishment of a full-fledged working community. This is the exact scenario of Dubai in the year 1954 that led to the founding of the Dubai Municipality on 28 February 1957. It was a small setup with just 23 members serving in the council. However, the trust shown by the authoritatives at that time led them to work with full force for the betterment of the city.

The Growth of Dubai Municipality:

Since its inception, the Dubai Municipality has been focused on developing the architecture of the city, the cleanliness of the environment, and the health of the citizens. After Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, gave official powers to the Dubai Municipality Council in 1961, there has been no looking back in terms of progress. From a small council of members to 11000 employees, the municipality has expanded rapidly and spread its services. At present, the workforce has been divided so that 34 unique and interconnected departments can be looked after well. And, these departments are presided over by 6 main sectors, namely, Communication & Community Sector, Corporate Support Sector, General Support Sector, Environmental Health & Safety Control Sector, Environment & Public Health Services Sector, and Engineering & Planning Sector.

Why Dubai Municipality Jobs?

A job that gives you transparency and competitiveness is a job that is backed by accountability and happiness. Through innovation and collaboration, Dubai Municipality jobs will expose you to modern technology and enable you to work in a digital environment. After all, building one of the finest cities that exemplify a true SMART city is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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